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We are Three Digit Group

Investment Company

Under the visionary patronage of Mr Asif Rai, within a span of three decades, 300 companies flourished under the flagship of Three Digit Group. The meteoric rise of Three Digit Group is sustained on the years of dedication, flexibility, hard work, sincerity, commitment & client friendly approach. The quote "Who Dares, Wins!" suits best to sum up the personality of Mr. Asif. His unique aptitude in providing solutions makes him, one of the most competent, dependable and sought after entrepreneurs in the Pakistan.

Three Digit Group adopts the motto "ONE GROUP MANY SOLUTIONS". Our strong substantial & well established connections in akistan and make it possible for us to ensure our best services in shortest time.

Our Vision

To be one of the unique diversified services group in Pakistan and the International market level. Partnering with prestigious international Business Homes. Maintain quality of work, performance, reputation, and have the right team to achieve our goals. To be a total solution provider by creating a unique professional management structure which enables us to proceed, execute and deliver top notch work.

Our Mission

  • Ensuring that our professional team can help, advice and execute any type of work / services.
  • Maintain friendly surrounding environment and respect our Quality Management System.
  • Maintain the proper and honest confident with all clients / customer.
  • Consistently maintain quality of work and performance to the best standard practice.
  • Proper follow up and continuous upgrading to our core team and suppliers.
  • Maintain full energetic and confident team spirit amount other employees.
  • Proudly work hard to be one group for one world.

Why You

Choose Three Digit

Three Digit GROUP is a global partnership service and business structure provider with a various consulting services such as structure evaluation, jurisdiction analysis, administrative management, document control, and government network & business formation advice.

Three Digit GROUP has streamlined processes and a multicultural team of experts that make sure that the incorporation processes run smoothly and within the promised timeframe, but still follows stringent and comprehensive compliance checks and processes.

Here are some factors to consider why you have to choose Three Digit GROUP:

International Structuring

Three Digit GROUP assist your business to obtain the most suitable set up in order to have the most efficient, effective and economical business frame.

Holding a property in the Pakistan

Three Digit GROUP providing a stable political and economic environment combined with increasing demand and shortage of supply, make it a rather safe and profitable market for properties.

Investment throughout Pakistan

The Three Digit signed double tax agreements with a number of European countries. Three Digit GROUP helps you to structure your investments taking these agreement into account, Three Digit GROUP knows the conditions and evaluate this agreement can be beneficially for your needs.