Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Federal B Area , one of the best planned localities in Pakistan. In this article, we will delve into the rich history, infrastructure, and key features of Federal B Area, showcasing why it deserves recognition as a well-designed neighborhood. Join us as we explore the distinct aspects of this locality and highlight its unique attributes.

A Brief Historical Overview

Dating back to the 1950s when Karachi served as the capital of Pakistan, Federal-B-Area was meticulously planned as part of a vision to provide well-structured housing for the federal government’s employees. Alongside North Nazimabad and Federal Capital (FC) Area, Federal-B-Area formed an integral part of Karachi’s planned capital city infrastructure. Although the specific town planners behind Federal B Area remain unknown, it is a testament to their skill and foresight.

Evolution of Names and Localities

Over the years, Federal B Area has witnessed changes in nomenclature due to shifts in local government power. In 1983, following a religious party’s victory in local body elections, Federal-B-Area was temporarily renamed as ‘Mansoora,’ while North Nazimabad was renamed as ‘Taimuria.’ However, these alternative names did not gain widespread popularity and have since faded away. Today, Federal B Area retains its original name and serves as a prominent landmark within Karachi. Despite a brief renaming during Pervaiz Musharraf’s tenure to Gulberg Town, the community continues to be recognized by its original name on postal addresses.

The Geography and Boundaries of Federal-B-Area

Federal-B-Area is situated in the vicinity of North Nazimabad, Gulshan-i-Iqbal, and Gadap Town. Its boundaries are defined by North Nazimabad to the north, the Karachi Circular Railway Track to the west, Gadap Town to the east, and Gulshan-i-Iqbal, separated by Lyari Expressway and Lyari River, to the south. This prime location offers convenient connectivity to various parts of Karachi.

Appreciating Federal B Area Well-Planned Infrastructure

While the initial impression of Federal-B-Area may not captivate observers due to its aging structures, it is essential to look beyond the surface and appreciate the neighborhood’s well-planned infrastructure. Federal-B-Area stands as a testament to town planning excellence, offering a sense of community and coherence that distinguishes it from randomly constructed areas. The wide roads, well-designed houses, and symmetrical layout contribute to the locality’s charm, making it one of Karachi’s vibrant centers.

Exploring Federal B Area Block by Block

Federal-B-Area comprises 21 blocks (sub-zones), each with its own distinct character and offerings. Let’s embark on a journey through each block, unraveling the features that make them unique.

Blocks 1 and 2

Liaquatabad’s Border and Commercial Hub

Situated on the south side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan and neighboring Liaquatabad, Blocks 1 and 2 serve as the gateway to Federal-B-Area. Block 2 is home to Bazaar-e-Faisal, the primary commercial center, as well as the renowned Government Delhi Boys Science College.

Block 3 

Located on the south side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan, Block 3 boasts a diverse community, with residents hailing from various linguistic backgrounds. Aga Khan community, Bantwa Memons, Okhai Memons, and people with roots from Junagarh state are among the prominent residents. Meena Bazaar, the bustling commercial center, adds to the vibrancy of this block.

Block 4

Residential Area

Situated on the north side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan, Block 4 showcases remarkable symmetry and a favorable ratio of free spaces to residential areas. While some residential plots have transitioned into commercial enterprises such as schools and hospitals over time, the block’s overall residential character remains intact.

Blocks 5 and 6

Northward Expansion and Cricket Legacy

Bordering North Nazimabad with the ‘Gujjar Nullah’ as a natural divider, Blocks 5 and 6 have witnessed transformation over the years. Block 6, once renowned for its cricket ground named ‘Gulfishan,’ is now occupied by the Pakistan Rangers. The transition of some residential plots into commercial zones reflects the evolution common to aging localities.

Block 7

Educational Institutions and Masjid

Situated on the south side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan, Block 7 houses notable educational institutions such as Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan School and College. The block also boasts Madani Masjid, which serves as a prominent spiritual center for the tableeghi jamaat.

Block 8

Jinnah Ground and Civic Significance

Located on the south side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan, Block 8 is renowned for Jinnah Ground—a significant public space. The Karachi City Government plans to enhance the grandeur of Jinnah Ground by constructing a 140 ft tall fountain, further elevating its prominence.

Block 9

Dastagir Housing Society 

Block 9, situated on the south side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan, is known for its residential areas, with Dastagir Housing Society being a prominent locality. Noteworthy establishments include Farzana Dawakhana, a well-known medical center mentioned in a memorable PTV advertisement of the 1980s. Block 9 is also home to Sangam Sports Cricket Ground and the main post office of Federal-B-Area.

Blocks 10, 11, 12, and 13 

Cricket, Soccer, and Police Station

These blocks, situated on the north side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan, collectively form the region known as Gulberg. Block 10 features Mansoora Cricket Ground, while Block 11 is home to Shadab Soccer Ground, which was formerly a cricket ground. Block 13 houses Gulberg Police Station, ensuring safety and security for the residents.

Blocks 14 and 15

Sports Complex

Located on the east side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan, Blocks 14 and 15 offer a blend of recreational and gastronomic experiences. The renowned T-Ground and UBL Sports Complex provide venues for cricket, soccer, and other sports. Javed Nihari, known for its delectable culinary offerings, is a popular eatery in Block 14.

Block 16

Education Centers

Block 16 accommodates the esteemed Karachi Medical and Dental College, a prominent educational institution. This block is also known for its apartment complexes, including Yousuf Plaza—a significant residential development in the area.

Blocks 17 and 18

Hockey Grounds and Stadium

Blocks 17 and 18 are situated on the north side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan. Block 17, often referred to as ‘Samanabad,’ features Pak-Flag Hockey Ground—a revered sporting venue. Block 18, known as ‘Ancholi,’ encompasses its distinct neighborhood landmarks.

Blocks 19 and 20

Al Noor Society and Fond Memories

Blocks 19 and 20, also referred to as Al Noor Society, grace the north side of Shahrah-i-Pakistan. Al Noor Gymkhana Ground holds fond memories for many residents, offering spaces for various recreational activities. Block 20 features the famous Zafar Library, evoking nostalgia for those who frequented its premises.

Block 21 Block 22

Industrial Zone and Movie Studio

Block 21 serves as Federal B Area  industrial zone, housing numerous industrial units. Additionally, a movie studio that once thrived in this block has now ceased operations. The presence of industries such as textiles and packaged food manufacturing contributes to the economic vitality of the area.

Federal B Area Planned Infrastructure and Amenities

Federal-B-Area stands out due to its well-designed infrastructure, which encompasses residential, educational, and recreational facilities. With a careful balance between residential and commercial spaces, this locality offers a fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. The significance of Shahrah-i-Pakistan as a major road artery cannot be overstated, connecting Karachi Port to Landi Kotal in NWFP, while facilitating the movement of road cargo from Karachi port to the upcountry.

The Charm of Federal B Area Amid Urban Development Challenges

Federal-B-Area’s allure persists despite the challenges associated with urban decay and changing demographics. While certain signs of aging and urban decay are evident, such as deteriorating houses and the encroachment of commercial ventures, it is crucial to acknowledge that these challenges are societal in nature. Addressing such issues requires a collective effort from the community and the implementation of effective civics initiatives.

The Ranking Potential of Federal B Area

Federal-B-Area’s planned infrastructure and town planning undoubtedly position it among the top planned localities in Pakistan. Although it may not rival Islamabad sectors, Lahore’s Model Town, or certain cantonments on a national scale, it exemplifies the essence of a well-designed neighborhood. With its carefully laid-out blocks, extensive free spaces, and a harmonious blend of residential and commercial areas, Federal B Area continues to be an integral part of Karachi’s urban fabric.


As we conclude our exploration of Federal-B-Area, we hope to have shed light on the meticulous planning, unique features, and historical significance of this locality. Federal-B-Area stands as a testament to the enduring principles of town planning, promoting a sense of community, balance, and functionality. While challenges persist, the collective effort of residents and stakeholders can contribute to the preservation and revitalization of this remarkable neighborhood.

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